Production & Creative Services Workflow

There aren’t too many things that can compare to being “on the same page” with your production crew. Things get done more quickly. There are fewer opportunities for mistakes. If any are made, they are corrected quickly.  Everyone’s focused. Everyone’s happy. And you make each other look good and your clients happy.

Pikolo Metrix was created with that sense of synergy in mind. By creating an efficient communication and collaboration environment, Metrix empowers all those involved in the production process by making every piece of pertinent information conveniently accessible.


Features and Benefits

  • Automate And Digitize Your Production Workflow
  •  Easily manage production assets, scheduling, talent and other resources
  • Centralize projects while allowing staff independent contribution
  • Access from any computer - web-based interface support for tablets
  • Integration with DropBox and other storage and sharing services

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